Manifestation Methods for Beginners

Is it really possible to make your dreams come true and manifest your desires by changing your mindset and training your subconscious? Manifestation methods have been around for a long time. A quick search will give you hundreds — if not thousands— of stories telling which, why, and how these methods work.

But before you decide to dive deep into the manifestation rabbit hole, it’s best to get a good grasp of the basics. Otherwise, your manifestation journey could lead you to feel lost and doing just the opposite — “unmanifest.”

What Is Manifestation?

What is manifestation

Put simply, manifestation is the process of bringing something into your life through your thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs. It’s about attracting that thing that you want to be or have in your reality through the kind of energy or vibe you send out to the world.

It’s worth mentioning that while manifestation focuses on your mindset and subconscious, remember that part of the process is being ready to put these thoughts and emotions into ACTION.

Manifesting isn’t a magic solution to getting what you want with zero work. What manifestation does is help you achieve your dreams easily and — as many would claim— even quickly.

Why Learn to Manifest Your Desires?

If there is a way to help make your dreams come true, wouldn’t you want to give it a shot? Maybe you’ve been feeling stuck at achieving a goal and you are looking for a different way to get unstuck and finally get what you want?

Whatever your circumstance is right now, it all boils down to:

How much do you want to manifest your desires?

How to Manifest Your Desires

manifest your desire

There is more to manifesting your desires than simply focusing on positive thoughts and affirmations. You’ll be surprised that many manifestation methods include training your subconscious and working on your energy and the energy you send out.

It’s also not just about starting a journal or writing your desires on a piece of paper and carrying that paper with you throughout your day. BUT, that’s a great start to knowing and understanding what you actually want to manifest.

Understanding what you truly want to manifest

If you’re not clear on what you want to get, your thoughts, emotions, and energy all get muddled. As a result, you’d find it difficult to manifest. So, GET CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT and stick to that. The more you understand what it is you desire, the better you will be at manifesting it.

If you would like to manifest a successful career, for example, what career is it that you want to be successful at? What does success look like to you? How does it feel like? You could write all these down in your journal or any piece of paper so you don’t forget.

Once you have your intentions/desires set, you’re ready to give these manifestation methods a try.

Manifestation Methods

1. Attract positive energy with positive energy

manifest through gratitude

The basics of the Law of Attraction say that “positive thoughts attract positive results.” Make this the foundation of your manifestation journey.

What can you do to attract positive energy into your life? Start with GRATITUDE. Next to love, gratitude is a powerful emotion. As such, it also has a high energy frequency. When you live with gratitude, you send out positive energy. In return, you also attract positive vibes.

Appreciate and be thankful for what you have right now. Put your gratitude into action and give back to others around you. The more you do this, the more you would align your energy to what you want to manifest. 

2. Visualize your desires as if you have already achieved them

Remember that piece of paper where you wrote exactly what you want to attain? Paint that picture in your head. Better yet, turn it into a movie in your head and watch your desires unfold in front of you. Stir up emotions of excitement, joy, gratefulness, and delight as you visualize achieving your desires. 

Visualizing isn’t always easy for everyone. It takes a lot of focus. Don’t rush when practicing it. When you do it frequently, there will come a time when it would feel natural to you. 

3. Train your subconscious to focus on achieving your desires

train your subconscious through meditation

Sound simple enough? Not quite.

You see, it’s easy for our conscious mind to say “I am successful. I am abundant. I am loved.” All these are great affirmations. But then, our subconscious mind might say “Can I really take the responsibility of being promoted? Will I ever find the love that I deserve? I don’t have enough money in the bank.” 

These thoughts then become blockers and limit you from getting what you want. This is why you should also train your subconscious when you want to manifest your desires. 

How do you do that?

  • Meditate: Apart from saying your affirmations daily, it would also help to meditate. Get into a relaxed state and tune into your mind. Let those limiting beliefs surface, acknowledge them, and let them go. To help you focus, you could play some music or white noise. There are also some sounds that specifically help your mind get into a meditative or sleep/dream state, like Theta binaural beats. *More on this next time.  
  • Make your desires the last thought you’ll have before going to bed: Often, the last thing we see, think, or hear before going to bed would most likely be part of our dream. If you’ve written your desires/intentions, read them before you sleep. Others also like putting that piece of paper under their pillow. When you wake up, read it again to set the tone and focus of your day.  
  • Write your affirmations multiple times on a piece of paper: Some call this technique as 55×5 technique. With this manifestation method, you write your affirmations/intentions 55 times on a piece of paper for five days straight. The idea is that by doing so, you are building a pattern for your subconscious to stick to. Furthermore, this repetition is said to eventually turn into a belief and your subconscious would pick up on that.  All these would create a vibrational shift that would make way to manifesting your intentions. 

4. Set Your Desires into Action

manifestation methods — align your energy

At this point, you are already training your mind to think that you have manifested your desires. So, get on it, act and truly feel that way.

Manifesting a promotion? Show up at work with the confidence of a leader. Power dress if you feel like it. Be proactive in the company. Manifesting abundance? Share that abundance with others. Help other people however way you can. Manifesting love or a relationship? Love yourself the way you want to be loved.

There are many manifestation methods you could follow. But remember, it all starts with the right energy and mindset. When you work on your energy, all the rest would follow.

If you need help working on your energy or the energy you want to attract, you could use crystals or schedule a consultation to help align your energy by sending a message on Instagram.