How to Manifest Using Crystals

Manifestation is the process of bringing your dreams and desires into reality by attracting the right energy. With the proper mindset and the help of crystals, you could achieve your intentions and live life to the fullest.

Pick the Right Crystal

how to manifest with crystals

Pick a crystal suited for the intention you want to manifest. It shouldn’t be just any crystal, but one that’s calling you and energetically compatible with the intention you want to manifest.

You can use one crystal or combine different crystals — whatever you feel is right. The crystals you choose should work synergistically to help in bringing your intentions into reality.

For instance, if you would like to manifest abundance, consider working with the following crystals:

  • Citrine for having a positive outlook as you start attracting abundance and opportunities
  • Green Aventurine for attracting luck
  • Pyrite for attracting abundance
  • Yellow Tiger’s Eye to motivate you as abundance, opportunities and luck come your way
  • Clear quartz for amplifying the attraction of other crystals

Cleanse Your Crystals

cleanse your crystals

Crystals absorb energy from their surroundings. To ensure it only holds your intentions and nothing else, cleanse them before setting your intentions.

There are different ways to cleanse crystals. You can cleanse them through smoke by using palo santo or sage. You may also use a singing bowl by placing the crystals inside the bowl and making it resonate.

Don’t have sage, palo santo, or a singing bowl? You may also cleanse using running water. Place the crystal under running water for several minutes and state your intention to cleanse. You may say, “Vibrate to the highest frequency. Be cleansed and be full of positive energy.” Note that some crystals, mostly ending in -ite, are not suitable for cleansing with water. Repeated and prolonged exposure to water may cause them to dissolve and be damaged.


manifesting with crystals

Find a quiet space where you can relax and focus. You may light candles, diffuse essential oils, or play calming music to help set the mood.

Focus is crucial when setting your intention. In your mind, visualize as clearly as possible what you want to manifest. While visualizing your intention, you must also bring forth the emotions you would feel when your intention has manifested.

Would you feel excited, happy? Then, be excited and happy as you visualize your intention.

Crafting Your Intention

manifesting with crystals

While it’s tempting to be as specific as possible with your intention, you must remember to let the Universe find the best path to manifest your intention.

Don’t be too focused on the specifics of your intention. Being too specific limits what the Universe can do for you.

If your goal is to be financially abundant, don’t say “I want to be rich by getting a nice job at Company A and be successful at my job as Director.” Why is this problematic? Company A may not be the right company for you, and your job as a director may not be the best career for you.

A better way to say it would be something like, “I am financially abundant with money to spare and successful in my career.”

Use Affirmative and Present Tense

You must word your intention in the present tense and affirmative manner. The way you say your intention affects the energy that you send to the Universe. Believe that you have already received the blessings from the Universe.

Mind Your Feelings

Doubts or any negative feelings can block your manifestation. Keep in mind that feelings are energy. When you’re in doubt, you are sending out negative energy. Remember, the Universe is made up of energy, and it understands energy. You have to ensure that you are sending the right vibe to achieve your goals.

To further enhance your intention, use the power of gratefulness. Like love, gratitude is a strong and powerful energy. When you’re coming from a place of gratitude, the Universe opens up to you.

Thank the Universe or the Divine for manifesting your intention (remember what we said about already claiming your intention?).

Setting Your Intention

how to manifest with crystals

Close your eyes and hold your selected crystal. If you’re using a combination of crystals, you may place them in a pouch, so it’s easier to hold them all together.

Clear your mind, focus, and state your intention. Visualize and imagine how would you feel once you have received the blessings from the Universe. Focus your thoughts to bind your intention with the crystals.

Your crystals would amplify and continually send out your intention to the Universe.

Choosing the Right Place for Your Crystals

how to manifest with crystals

Place your crystals in a place where you can connect with them. You could place them on your work desk or living room.

If you are going to place crystals in your bedroom, it’s best to use spheres, tumbles, any shape without sharp points.

Spheres and tumbles give out soothing and gentle energy. Sharp points emit concentrated laser-like energy, which can be too energetic for a place where you want to calm down and rest like the bedroom.

If you are familiar with the Feng Shui Bagua map for your home, you may place your crystals in the section that best matches your intention.

Once you’ve set your intention, take a few moments to spend time and be with your crystals. You may use this chance to meditate or relax and feel the energy that your crystals are sending out.

Finally, say a quick gratitude prayer (or you know, even a “hi” to the Universe) before leaving or going about your day.

That’s it! We hope you learn a thing or two about manifesting with crystals. Don’t be shy to leave a comment or send a message for questions.

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Love and blessings!