Golden Tiger’s Eye Merkaba


Golden Tiger’s Eye is a popular stone for motivation, protection, and grounding. Because it combines and synthesizes both the earth and sun energy, it helps balance your energy. Golden Tiger’s Eye is also often used to increase psychic powers and skills.

  • Used for: boosting self-confidence, decision-making, breaking cycles of inaction, protecting your auric field, and providing support during times of transitionns
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus

A Merkaba is a three-dimensional Star of David. It represents growth and spiritual ascension. Many also often relate the shape to the idea of “as above, so below,” which has different interpretations. One of which is that the purpose of our earthly self is to make a reflection of our higher self. Another is that what happens here on earth is reflected to the astral plane.

Size: approximately 1 inch

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Colors may slightly vary due to lighting or your monitor settings.

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