Experience Energy Healing Remotely or In-Person

Your Healing, Your Way:
Choose Between In-Person and Remote Sessions to Suit Your Needs

Distance or Proximity, Feel the Healing:
Whether you’re across the globe or in the same room, our energy healing sessions are designed to bring balance, clarity, and well-being into your life.

Balance Your Energy

Feeling “off,” “out of sorts,” or disconnected? One or more of your energy points may be out of balance.

Your body is made of energy and you have seven main energy points along your spine. These energy points, also called chakras, send and receive energy 24/7.

As you go about your daily life, your chakras may eventually become out of balance. When this happens, you may feel stuck, drained, or unmotivated.

A Reiki energy healing session works to return balance along your energy points.

Boost Your Well-Being

Living a stressful life? Are you always tired, worried, or anxious?

Stress will always be part of our lives. But it doesn’t mean you should let it affect how you live. Otherwise, stress could manifest in your life physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Revitalize your body, mind, and spirit with a Reiki energy healing session to help you cope with the demands of your everyday life.

Let Go of Pent-Up Emotions

Are you dealing with emotions that keep you from living a full life?

Emotions are energy. They affect you in more ways than you can think of. Emotional baggage and traumas, like anger, anxiety, grief, guilt, regret, and heartbreak could negatively impact your health, daily life, and relationships.

Reiki helps move and release pent-up emotions, giving space for feelings and thoughts that work for your highest good.

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All energy healing sessions come with the following:

  • Chakra check
  • Chakra balancing
  • Complementary Oracle or Tarot Guidance (Open) Reading
  • Copy of your layout/s and oracle reading in PDF format
  • Pre-session prep discussion
  • Post-session consultation discussion

An energy healing session with Sphaera Lucis is 60 minutes long.

The rate for a one-hour in-person session is Php 2,888.

It is important for a distance energy healing session to be done in a meditative atmosphere.

Choose a place where you can relax, lie down, and spend some quiet time. Minimize distractions as much as possible.

Try to clear your mind of any distracting thoughts. To help you with this, you could do any of the following:

  • Meditate
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Be aware of body sensations
  • Listen to some soothing music

If you find your mind wandering, gently return to your focus (breathing, music, body sensations, etc.).

Choose comfortable clothing and be prepared to relax in a serene, meditative atmosphere.

I start the session with an aura sweep to cleanse your energy field. After that, I check any imbalances in your chakras using a pendulum. Then, I place the appropriate crystals on your chakras based on the results of the chakra check.

Once all crystals are placed, I would start channeling Reiki to you. I would work on each of the seven chakras, your hands, and feet.

Receiving Reiki is almost imperceptible for some. But occasionally, others may experience various sensations in their body, such as slight tingling, warmth, or vibration. You may also fall into deep relaxation. This is the energy moving and working where you need it most. The experience is different for each person and for each session.

We will have our post-session discussion of your experience. This is the time when I will answer any questions you may have. I will also explain the layout/s and crystals I used for your session.

I would suggest having a glass of water to help you get back to your center after a session.

How often you receive Reiki would depend on your goals. But to enjoy its long-term benefits, it’s recommended to receive Reiki frequently.

A good starting point is to start with three sessions scheduled weekly. From there, you may decide if you want to continue with your weekly sessions or taper your sessions to twice or once a month.

The more frequent you receive Reiki, the more you will become sensitive to your own energy. Therefore, it’ll be easier for you to notice any energy imbalance.

To maintain balance in your energy points and for overall well-being, once a month would be ideal. However, you can always schedule an energy healing session whenever you feel that you have an energy imbalance.

For those with a busier and more stressful lifestyle, receiving Reiki twice a month is ideal. Then based on your experience, you may decide to increase or decrease the frequency of your energy healing sessions.

If you’re working on some emotional and physical healing goals, I recommend three sessions to start (once a week). Depending on your experience and your goals, you could decide to lessen or increase the session per month.

Yes, you may. But you must reschedule at least 24 hours before your appointment. Otherwise, you session would be marked as utilized.

Once an energy healing session has been booked and confirmed, they can only be rescheduled but not refunded.

Please note that the schedule is based on availability. I would always be happy to accommodate a schedule that works for both of us.

Yes, you may. If you want to transfer an energy healing session to someone else, let us know by sending an email to hello@sphaeralucis.com at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Yes, you may. Once the energy healing session has been booked and confirmed, please send an email to hello@sphaeralucis.com with the following information:

  • Your full name and the email address you used to book the session
  • The full name name and email address of the person you’d like to gift the session to

Absolutely! Both types of sessions offer unique benefits, and you are free to choose based on your comfort and needs.


Here’s what others have experience with their distance energy healing session

It made me feel healthier and happier

When I saw her post about Chakra Balancing, I knew I was guided to something great. I had never tried it before but because I was feeling off my course, I asked for a session with her. During my distant session, I had time to relax. I fell asleep twice and lulled by the lights and images in my head. I woke up with a warm feeling in my shoulders and chest. It was powerful but I was totally at ease.

After the session, I was stunned, Ms.Aileen got it right by what I experienced during the session. Her (oracle) readings were spot-on and really resonated with me… which made the message clearer and more insightful.

Thank you, Ms. Aileen! I did not know what to expect before the session, but it was a beautiful experience. It made me feel healthier and happier. Cannot wait until my next session ❤️

Ven M., Metro Manila, Philippines

It was a different experience. I want to try it again.

My Chakra Balancing session with Aileen had been great. She also did an oracle card reading for me. It was a different experience. I want to try it again. Thanks Ms. Ai!

Christina A., Metro Manila, Philippines

I feel so much lighter

I’ve just read the pdf and it’s so insightful! Thank you so much po, Ms. Aileen, not only for the chakra balancing session, but also for sharing your knowledge about chakras and how to keep them balanced ? Now I’m aware how it feels when they’re out of balance, thanks to your insights and guidance ? I feel so much lighter now and I’m more mindful on how I spend my energy, knowing that it can directly affect my chakra centers

Kimberly S., Philippines


Good, I see colours and saw my Chakras.

Chris M., United Kingdom

I immediately felt better after the session.

It was an amazing experience! I appreciate how Ms. Aileen walked me through the entire process. She also answered all my questions and I quickly felt comfortable with her. It was mind-blowing how my chakra reading was aligned to my emotional state at the time. I immediately felt better after the session.

Dianne Q., Philippines

I woke up the next morning happy, relieved, and super light

Thank you, Aileen! I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to have a Chakra Balancing session with you. I was feeling heavy and low, pero after the ssion, I felt relaxed.

During the session, I felt a different feeling that I couldn’t explain and I think that’s the energy na nagheheal and nagbabalance. I woke up the next morning happy, relieved, and super light…

I forgot to tell you also, I received good news, a bigger project with my client. 🙂 Super happy. You are a blessing! I hope you continue to bless more people.

Iris M., Metro Manila, Philippines

What an amazing experience!

So, I had my Chakra Balancing session with Sphaera Lucis. I found out that my throat and crown chakras were blocked.

After the session, I felt good, open, relaxed, and happy. What an amazing experience! Thank you, Ma’am Ai, sa uulitin!

Kristine S., Metro Manila, Philippines

After the session I am feeling very much relaxed and light

It was absolutely amazing. It started with a tingling sensation in body and then gradually I was in deep sleep. After the session I am feeling very much relaxed and light.

Soumik B., India

It really helped me a lot to let go all negative emotions

It really helped me a lot to let go all negative emotions I am feeling before the healing session. After the session, I was able to get back on track and focus again on my life goals. It helped me take the necessary steps to love and finally choose myself.

Lea N., Philippines

I was skeptical at first...

I was skeptical at first since it was done remotely. I’m grateful I tried the session. I would like to believe that the session helped me attract the new job I have now (got a last minute job interview after the session) and (sorry TMI) my period arrived the day after (which has not appeared for a few months because of stress). Thank you.

Marissa Z., Philippines

The after experience was great

It’s my first time to experience this and I didn’t know what to expect. But overall, the after experience was great. I became more aware of my emotions to keep my Chakra balance. And because of this, somehow positive vibes are coming my way.

Jen S., Metro Manila, Philippines

This is the start of my healing!

I would say that my session with Ms Aileen is the start of my healing! And true enough, because slowly I started to feel light and regain my energy and strength and interest in life. One day at time. Let go.

Cecil A, Philippines